Introduction to working with Quartz Crystals

Quartz is one of the most commonly occurring minerals in the world, and is made up of the elements Silicon and Oxygen. It is found in all major rock groups and sand.

Quartz Crystals need very specific conditions of heat, moisture and gas to grow deep in the Earth's crust.

These crystals, although apparently inert and dormant, possess an unusual property known as PIEZO ELECTRICITY.

This means that if mechanical pressure is applied to a crystal it will convert it into electricity, and if electricity is applied to it, it will convert it into mechanical motion.

This property makes quartz an intricate part of many electrical processes and today man made quartz is used widely in the electronic industry, especially computer micro chips and quartz watches. 

We, as human beings, are able to access the energy inherent in natural quartz crystals by being aware of and having them around.

Crystals can help us to increase our awareness of how our bodies function on an energetic level, and they can help us to raise our consciousness by becoming more aware of the life-giving force available to us through them.

When we do this we will be able to restore balance to our bodies.

Selecting a Crystal

Always use your intuition when working with crystals.  This is especially important when selecting them. Choose the colour, shape and texture to which you are naturally attracted. You may feel very strongly for a raw, uncut, earthy piece or you might prefer a polished, clear, sparkling look. The type of crystal that you choose will depend upon your specific needs.  Your intuitive, higher self will know which one is right for you.  Spend time looking at and touching different types of crystals and you will eventually "feel" the one which is right for you. 


On acquiring a crystal you should dedicate it to the use of good.  A way to do this is to hold it in front of you and, asking Mother-Father God to empower you, declare that your crystal will only be used for good, and will not harm Animal (human), Plant or Mineral Kingdoms.  Finnish by declaring that this "programming" will never be removed.


Once your crystal has been dedicated, you can cleanse it.  There are many different ways to do this.  Most cleansing methods make use of one of the four elements i.e. air, water, earth or fire.  Follow your intuition as to which method and element is the best for you and your crystal.  

The reason why you need to cleanse your crystal is because up until the time you acquired it, the crystal might have absorbed negative energy that it came into contact with.  You need to eradicate this negative energy.

  • If you live at the coast you may want to collect sea water and soak the crystal for a couple of hours or even days.  Your intuition will guide you as to the length of time needed.  You could also take your crystal to the sea and hold it in the water.  Beware that it doesn't escape as crystals love the sea.  Water cleansing can also be done in a running stream.  Tap water and coarse salt can be used but is not ideal because of added chemicals.  Using coarse salt and purified tap water would be an advisable solution.
  • Native Americans, Africans and Indians have used smudging as a means of cleansing for centuries. Pass your crystal through the smoke of burning incense.
  • Your crystal could also be passed through a flame thereby being cleansed by fire. Caution should be exercised when working with the element of fire.
  • You could also use the element of earth by burying the crystal in the ground, laying it in fresh flower petals or covering it with natural potpourri.
  • By placing a crystal in the wind, you allow it to be cleansed by the element of air.
  • Another method of cleansing is to concentrate positive energy from the area of the third eye or heart chakra. Surround the crystal with this light and banish all negativity.
  • Place your crystal upon an amethyst cluster for a couple of hours. Amethyst does not need cleansing as it does not store negative energy.