Every living thing is surrounded by an energy field called an aura.

It is the place where all emotions, thoughts, memories and behaviour patterns are stored.

For those who are able to "see" or "read" the aura it is possible to see the effects of extreme emotions, mood swings, substance abuse, potential/past/current disease, etc.

Everyone is able to do this naturally, to a greater or lesser degree, but training improves the ability.

The aura has a circulatory system of highly absorbent auric corpuscles, which absorb light, sound, pain, energy, emotions, etc.

When the aura is damaged, subtle energy can leak out of this protective "cushion", leaving the aura vulnerable - and affecting the physical, mental and emotional state of the body.

The human aura consists of several layers.

The layer closest to the physical body is called the Etheric Body.

The etheric body contains filaments, which are extensions of the central nervous system.   These are extremely sensitive and warn of any disturbance of entry into; or danger to the space occupied by the aura.

This layer of the aura is an indicator of the general state of health and vitality of the physical body.

When the aura is stressed, tired, ill or injured, these filaments lose their vitality, and their colour changes from the normal blue to red, purple, brown, grey, and green.


Layers of subtle bodies include the following characteristics:

1 Etheric body   looks like a   blue-grey mist, which surrounds the physical body, and extends about  3 m. This duplicates each and  every cell, organ and  system in the body.  This subtle body is the most easily seen. It is in this body that healing takes place.

 2 Emotional body extends 3-8cm from the body, and is fluid in outline.   This is where emotions, thoughts, moods, etc are trapped.  These can be from this present life, or from past lives if they have not been cleared. It contains colours, ranging from clear to muddy, depending on the clarity of the mood.

 3 Mental body extends 8-20cm from the body and is more easily seen around the head and shoulders.   It is yellow in colour and is particularly pronounced when the person is mentally stimulated, i.e. communicating, learning or thinking deeply.                      

4 Astral body extends 20-30cm from the body, and contains more diffused colours, but is washed with a pale pink colour.

  • This is the body that is the link between the lower three bodies, which are closely related to the physical world, and the upper three bodies which are more spiritual in nature.    In cases of trauma, abuse, denial, etc, the two groups can separate and the person loses touch with reality  (hears   voices receives "messages" etc).
  • It is this body that is the main organ of interaction between people, and chords form from one person to another in a relationship.
5 Etheric template extends 30-60 cm from the body, and is the blueprint on which the etheric body, and thus the physical body is modelled.

6 Celestial body extends 60-60cm from the body and is the subtle body in which unconditional love for one’s fellow man, a connection with the   universe, and celestial ecstasy is experienced.    It is seen as shimmering silver with bursts of colour.

7 Ketheric template extends 80-120cm from the body and is seen as golden grid, which holds the other subtle bodies together.

~ taken from "Hands of Light" by Barbara Brennan ~

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