Wearing crystal and gemstone jewellery is an easy, convenient, and attractive way to carry healing stones with you throughout the day, everywhere you go. The jewellery can be of any type, style or design – it can be a crystal wrapped in wire and strung on a chain; stone beads strung together as a necklace or bracelet; even faceted gemstone jewellery can be used for crystal healing.

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Amethyst BFF Necklace
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This pretty heart shaped resin pendant is filled with Amethyst chips and enhanced with Amethyst beads to create a pendant , Amethyst aids in the purification of energy fields and protecting against low vibrational energies and negativity by creating a...

R 150.00
Rose Quartz BFF Necklace
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This pretty heart shaped resin pendant is filled with Rose Quartz chips and enhanced with Rose Quartz beads to create a pendant that has a beautiful soft loving effect.

R 150.00
Nine Planet Gemstone Mala
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NINE PLANET MALA is made up of Gemstones representingthe influences of 9 planets.Wearing one helps balance astrological tendencies, bringing positive changes to your life.Rudruksha - HealthRuby - SunPearl - MoonRed Coral - MarsAventurine - MercuryYellow Aventurine - JupiterQuartz - VenusBlue...

R 140.00
Chakra Gemstone BFF Necklace
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This pretty heart shaped resin pendant is filled with Chakra coloured Gemstone chips and enhanced with Blue Magnesite beads to create a pendant that will help to align and balance all the energy centres in the body.

R 150.00
Clear Quartz Mala
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CLEAR QUARTZ bead (8mm) Mala NecklaceHelpful for clarifying, purifying & connecting with a higher power.The perfect meditation object for yoga students, spiritual healers or jewelry lovers.~ Length 85cm ~

R 320.00
Chakra Gemstone chip bead Necklace (90cm)
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CHAKRA GEMSTONES (long necklace)Wearing one of these genuine gemstone chakra balancing necklaces will assist in aligning the chakras and helping to create more balance in your life.Consisting of Hematite; Carnelian; yellow Aventurine; Green Aventurine; Sodalite; Amethyst & Quartz on a long...

R 180.00

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