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Incense Sticks - GR
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Hand-crafted Aromatic Incense sticks. When burned, the aroma helps to create a state of consciousness which will soothe away problems and enhance your mood. Each tube contains 20 sticks.

R 15.00
Anti-stress - Musk & Herbs
Tranquility - Sandalwood & Musk
Energizing - Lavender & Fruity
White Sage
Serenity - Patchouli & Musk
Relaxation - Sandalwood & Geranium
Incense Sticks - Naavya
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Mood Enhancing Hand-crafted Aromatic Natural Masala Incense sticks. When burned, the aroma creates a state of consciousness which will soothe away problems and relax your mood. Each tube contains 15 sticks.

R 25.00
Love & Desire
Money Drawing
White Sage
Californian White Sage Smudge bundle
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Californian White Sage is an aromatic deser herb that has been used to smudge and cleanse by indigenous people for many years. It is useful for cleansing and shifting energy as well and airborne germs. Clears away negative influences and...

R 120.00
Moonstone Tumbles
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MOONSTONE is a stone of Intuition and Femininity. The frequency of Moonstone is connected to the heart and feminine energies.It allows one to connect to feminine ‘Goddess’ energies so that one has compassion for oneself and others. It works to increase...

R 30.00
Light Cream
Dark Cream
Citrine QuartzTumbles
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CITRINE is a stone of Energy and Vitality.It can be used to stimulates mental focus and endurance.Helps to dispels fear, brightening even the darkest corners of ones perceived reality, helping one to "laugh without restraint".Helpful in resolving problems.It is known...

R 30.00
Imphepho Smudge Bundle
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Imphepho has many uses. The smoke of the herb is used as a sacred incense or smudge used to call the ancestors in and invoke trance states, cleanse energy and as an offering when praying. The smoke is also sedative....

R 45.00
Spiritual Guide Incense sticks
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Spiritual Guide Incense sticks - a transporting aromatic experience. Guide your mind to celestial heights. Transport your spirit to heavenly moods. Spread the fragrance of peace.

R 20.00
small square box - 8 sticks
large hexagonal box - 20 sticks
Tiger's Eye Tumbles (Yellow/Golden)
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TIGER'S EYE is a good stone to Lift your Spirits. It is helpful to promote clarity of mind and enhance psychic abilities. It is a good grounding stone helping one to be practical in all situations. It helps balances male...

R 20.00
Rose QuartzTumbles
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ROSE QUARTZ is a stone of Love, it will encourage self-love, and tenderness and love towards others. It produces a restful, warm energy that will restore calmness, bringing balance and clarity to the emotions.  Considered excellent for healing emotional "wounds".It is...

R 20.00
White Sage Incense sticks
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Aromatic White Sage Incense sticks for an earthy sweet fragrance.

R 20.00
Black Obsidian Tumbles
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BLACK OBSIDIAN is a stone of Grounding, Protection and Cleansing of negativity. The frequency of Black Obsidian connects with the base chakra and is an excellent grounding stone.It stabilizes and grounds one’s energy fields, so that one feels safe.Black Obsidian helps...

R 15.00
Rutilated Quartz Tumbles
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RUTILATED QUARTZ is a stone of energy acceleration and Spiritual connection. The combination of Quartz and Rutile energies amplify and accelerate the energy flow. When present in Clear Quartz the Rutile acts to accelerate and amplify one’s intentions when programming...

R 30.00

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